Request for Qualifications and Proposals

Active requests for qualifications or proposals are listed below:



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Expiration Date and Time

RFQ# 01-2018

  • Pre-submittal Meeting: 02/15/2018 1:30 PM


  • Deadline for Questions and Inquiries: 02/21/2018 10:00AM


  • Submissions Due: 02/26/2018 at 2:00 AM


Submitted Questions

Question 1: “Should the submitted proposal should show an actual GANT chart schedule for the 16 months with details included?”  Answer 1:  The proposal should include all relevant information as to a schedule being achieved in the 16 months. Or a schedule that shows a longer timeline if needed. 

Question 2: “Is GMA 14 looking for evaluation and reports on the “Run D” model version only conducted by LSGCD or other models?”  Answer 2:  At this time, the GMA14 is looking for simulation on the “Run D” only, but the possibility exists that additional modeling might be requested for other members or outside entities at a later time, but the scope of this agreement will be amended if required.

Question 3: “With the exception of Lone Star GCD, will all other member districts within in GMA 14 hold current pumping and DFC’s steady or is it anticipated there will be a change?”  Answer 3:  Other members Districts do not anticipate any additional pumping requirement needs although allowing LSGCD more pumping will impact their DFC’s. 

Question 4: “In the 2-28-18 agenda for GMA 14, a potential RFQ is referenced for planning.  If the RFQ is approved, will it be publicly posted, or will it go to a firm on a consultant list?  If posted, where would it appear?  And, just in case I am misinterpreting the scope, what would the RFQ address?”  Answer 4:  The RFQ was approved by the GMA 14 planning group in January and posted February 6th.  Below is a link to the actual RFQ and submittal deadlines.  Requests for qualifications were sent to a consultant list and posted on member district websites, as well as websites for the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts, Texas Water Development Board, and the Texas Water Conservation Association.