Board of Directors

The Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District was created to develop, promote and implement water conservation, augmentation and management strategies to project water resources for the benefit of the citizens, economy, and environment of Montgomery County, Texas. The District carries out this mission through a staff and board of directors. LSGCD’s board of directors are elected positions. Among other duties, the District’s board is responsible for final approval/denial of new large volume permits, budget oversight, District Rules and the District Management Plan.


webb melder


Term Expires 12-01-20
Place 6
Voting Jurisdiction: Conroe

Harry Hardman

Vice President

Term expires 12-01-20
Place 5
Voting Jurisdiction: County At-Large

Spigener, Jim file size reduced.jpg

Jim spigener


Term expires 12-01-22
Place 2
Voting Jurisdiction: County Precinct #2


Jon paul bouchÉ


Term expires 12-01-22
Place 3
Voting Jurisdiction: County Precinct #3


larry a. rogers


Term expires 12-01-22
Place 7
Voting Jurisdiction: The Woodlands Township

Stuart Traylor (004).jpg

stuart traylor


Term expires 12-01-20
Place 1
Voting Jurisdiction: County Precinct #1

Jonathan Headshot.jpg

Jonathan Prykryl


Term expires 12-01-22
Place 4
Voting Jurisdiction: County Precinct #4

On April 9, 2019 Lone Star Groundwater Conservation District’s Board of Directors adopted a Media Policy to establish practical and acceptable practices regarding District employees’ and Board members’ conduct and communication related to the press media and social media in all forms.  The complete policy can be view by clicking here.

Speaking requests for members of the Board of Directors can be made by calling the District directly.