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Kathy Turner Jones

General Manager

Ms. Jones has served as the District’s general manager since its creation in 2002, bringing 12 years of groundwater experience and knowledge with her. Under her direction, Lone Star GCD has established its offices (including construction of the District’s current facility), built a core staff, established a well permitting and registration program, and approved District Rules. Additionally, Ms. Jones has led the LSGCD through the process of compiling hydrologic information on the characteristics of the Upper Gulf Coast Aquifer, engineering planning, information on water usage and water supply in Montgomery County, and implementing regulatory procedures associated with the District’s Groundwater Regulatory Plan.

She serves as a member of the Region H Water Planning GroupChair of GMA 14 and serves on the Trinity and San Jacinto and Galveston Bay Basin and Bay Area Stakeholder Committee created by Senate Bill 3 during the 80th Legislative Session to look at environmental river flow issues in each river basin. Ms. Jones also presides as current past President of the Texas Alliance of Groundwater Districts (TAGD) and is an executive board member of the Texas Water Conservation Association (TWCA).  


Samantha Reiter

Assistant General Manager / Director of Permitting



James Ridgway, Jr.

Education / Public Awareness Coordinator