2017 Minecraft Water
Challenge Submission Form

      Intermediate & High School Deadline: August 20, 2017.

      Elementary Bracket Deadline extended: Sept. 12, 2017.

Student Name *
Student Name
See submission instructions for complete details. Please disable comments and video ratings by going to "Video Manager" in YouTube. Then, click on "Info & Settings." Then, click on "Advanced settings." Uncheck "Allow Comments." Uncheck "Users can view ratings for this video." Then, save changes.
Parent Sponsor Name *
Parent Sponsor Name
Parent Sponsor Phone # *
Parent Sponsor Phone #
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Do you confirm that the student is a resident of Montgomery County and/or attends a school in Montgomery County. *
Responses may include "Homeschool" as an answer.

Submission Check List

  • Complete Registration Form (Must be done by parent sponsor).
  • Complete Objectives 1, 2, & 3.
  • (Intermediate and High School Only) Complete both additional tasks.
  • Make video
  • Upload video to YouTube
  • Disable comments and video ratings.
    • Go to Video Manager in YouTube
    • Click on "Info & Settings"
    • Click on "Advanced settings"
    • Uncheck "Allow Comments"
    • Uncheck "Users can view ratings for this video"
    • Save changes
  • Complete Submission Form (Must be done by parent sponsor).

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Minecraft Submission Process

To submit your entry, make a video and upload it to YouTube. For the Elementary bracket, shoot for a video length between 1-2 minutes. For the Intermediate and High School Brackets, shoot for 2-5 minutes.

The video simply needs to show that each objective was met—and, for Intermediate and High School, that the additional tasks were completed as well.

The video itself doesn’t have to look like it was produced in Hollywood. Shoot it with a smartphone if you like. If you made yours on a smartphone, see if you can use another smartphone to record it. And remember, parental involvement is encouraged.

In the YouTube description, write a brief summary explaining what you made and how it meets each of the three objectives. Note: (1) Do not put your name or school in the description; (2) please disable comments and video ratings, at least until contest is over. See Submission Check List for guidelines on how to disable these.

If you’re good with video editing, feel free to dazzle it up, add music, narration, etc.—just know that editing dazzle isn’t part of the judging criteria. But it can still be fun.

The judging, first and foremost, will be seeking projects that successfully meet all three objectives as well as the additional tasks for the Intermediate and High School brackets. From there, originality, creativity, and the application of critical thinking will be the driving factors.

Complete the official, online submission form found on this page before the August 20, 2017 deadline.