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2016 Gulf Coast Water Conservation Symposium New Frontiers in Water Conservation


American Water Demand Trends and the Future of Conservation
Peter Mayer, Technical Consultant, Alliance for Water Efficiency.

The Role of Water Conservation in the Gulf Coast's Future Water Supply
Jason Afinowicz, Region H Project Manager, Freese and Nichols.

Larry’s Toolbox: 15% saves $400 Million
Lindsay Kovar, Project Manager, Brown and Gay Engineers and Robert Patton, Director, North Fort Bend Water Authority.

The More You Know…… The More You Save
Dana Nichols, Manager – Conservation Department, San Antonio Water System

City of Huntsville: Can Applying Science to Outdoor Irrigation Defer Capitol Costs? 
Timothy Pannkuk, Associate Professor, Sam Houston State University

Using ET Weather Stations as a Regional Tool to Save Water
Mike Turco, General Manager, Harris-Galveston Subsidence District

Water Conservation by the Yard: Estimating Savings from Outdoor Watering Restrictions
Ken Kramer, Water Resources Chair, Lone Star Chapter of the Sierra Club

Concierge Conservation: Increase Savings & Customer Influence:
Karen Guz, Conservation Manager, San Antonio Water System