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Water-Level Altitudes and Changes in Houston-Galveston Region and Montgomery County; the Scientific Story of Groundwater-Levels, Long-term Changes, and Subsidence

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Topic: The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has been monitoring water table levels in hundreds of water wells on an annual basis in our region for more than forty years.

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Texas Water Resources Institute | Trends In Water Use Efficiency Research

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Dr. Wagner will be speaking to the Network about the continuing research relative to the efficient use of water being conducted at the University of Texas A&M and the Institute. He will also speak to watershed planning and restoration, and the effectiveness of best management practices.


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Houston-Galveston Region's 2016 Basin Summary Report | Paniz Miesen

Topic: Houston-Galveston Region's 2016 Basin Summary Report - the 2016 Basin Summary provides and in-depth analysis and review of the Houston-Galveston region's water quality conditions. Paniz will present an overview of current water-quality status and trends, ongoing water-quality projects, along with a demonstration of the interactive web-based report, bsr2016.com.

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